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We now find ourselves in a new reality that casts a shadow over the freedom, peace, and the right to have a normal life for our Ukrainian neighbors. We are united in doing everything we can to help. This is extremely important to us, not only because Ukraine is our neighbor, but most importantly because there are wonderful Ukrainian citizens both on our team and in our community. They have always supported us, cheered for us and we could count on them. Now we want to show them that they have the same support from us. We are aware that in the coming days, for many of them, their families, and friends, Poland will become a place where they will build their asylum. We want them to feel like they can count on us. This is why we want to help them in what we do best and what is consistent with our mission, which is to find them a job on the Polish market.

If you are a citizen of Ukraine

and you are seeking help, we offer assistance in matters of employment for people coming to Poland, including assistance in connecting them with employers.

If you are a citizen of Ukraine

you are looking for a job in Poland or you know someone who is looking for a job, you should contact us at:


If you are an entrepreneur

you want to help by giving a job, also contact us at:


We want to provide real help to women by connecting them with employers so they can start working in jobs that match their skills.

If you want to help refugees from Ukraine together with us

you can do it through:

fundraising via siepomaga.pl account, which we have set up on behalf of Her Impact, every amount will support Ukraine.

If you have any questions, you are searching for help or you can offer help, contact us, we will carefully read each message.

Every gesture, donation, donated goods, the time you can dedicate to volunteering is valuable.