Her Impact | FAQ


What is Her Impact?

It is the first platform in Poland that offers real development tools for women in every position. Our team works intensively every day help women like you break through the glass ceiling and achieve professional success!

What do you offer your users?

Our platform really supports women in the labor market through personalized development plans (Her Path), a base of free materials educational (Her Skills), recruitment campaigns (Her Career), support great community (Her Community), workshops, meetings and much more!

Who creates materials for Her Impact?

We have selected the best and inspiring experts from various industries specialists from around the world who create original materials for you, so that you can learn and develop.

What is Her Path?

Her Path is an individualized development plan, composed of educational materials (articles, podcasts, movies and books) from many industries to help you expand your competences and increase your chances on the labor market.

How do I access Her Path?

Her Path is an additional module on our platform that you can access get it right after purchasing one of our subscription options: basic, plus or premium.

How are your subscription models different?

Each of the three models has a different price and benefits - choose the one best tailored to your needs! As part of the basic subscription (PLN 25 / month or 200 PLN / year) you get access to Her Path, 1 free course from our Her Impact Store and a 10% discount on our products. By purchasing a premium subscription (100 PLN / month or PLN 800 / year), you can additionally take advantage of the monthly, a dedicated newsletter, Welcome Pack and an online workshop. When deciding to premium subscription (PLN 300 / month or PLN 2000 / year) you can use all the above-mentioned benefits, but at the same time you are entitled to participate in elite Her Breakfast Club meetings and Her Care offers.

What is Her Breakfast Club?

Her Breakfast Club is nothing but our answer to the growing the demand of Polish women for networking and being part of a unique community composed of 'role models' that can inspire you to face challenges. A different successful woman is invited to each Her Breakfast Club meeting the world of business, culture and art, which tells subscribers about the secrets your profession and more. Everything is done on a monthly basis morning meetings over breakfast in a unique place on the map of Warsaw, i.e. climate of Charlotte Bouillon.

What is Her Care?

Especially for our Premium Subscribers, we have prepared an offer in which every month there are special discounts on research (from 10% to 30%), and once workshops with health experts Infemini Medi Home for a quarter!

Do I need a credit card to open an account with Her Impact?

You can pay to take advantage of the subscription benefits for the selected subscription model using Stripe. More about this method You can read the payments at: https://stripe.com/en-pl. However, if if you prefer to use our platform for free, you also have this option!

How do you store the details of the card used for payment?

Her Impact does not have access to your card details. Payments are processed by Stripe.

Where can I track your activities?

We invite you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also offer you weekly Tuesday newsletters Her Job Offers / Her Update / Her Skills - just sign up here! You want more direct contact with girls from our community? Join to our closed group Her Impact Community, where we share ours professional experience, advice and within which we organize closed MeetsUp meetings.

What are Her Impact MeetsUp meetings?

Her Impact MeetsUp is an intimate meeting of our community in form regular, monthly sessions with selected users. On each meeting covers topics important to our community, such as the situation of women on the Polish labor market, self-confidence and equality.