Her Impact | FAQ


What is Her Impact?

Her Impact is a platform created for young women - so that they can develop new skills and support each other.

Who creates materials for Her Impact?

Specialists from 7 countries. Learn more at Her Experts tab.

What is a Her Card and how can I use it?

It's a discount card. After its activated, you will have access to discount codes from our partners. Activation and card is free!

How can I take part in the event?

Please read the detailed information below the event you are interested in - the way of participation may vary depending on which of our partners organizes the event.

What is a Q&A session?

This is a session of questions and answers, taking place in real-time on our messenger - Slack.

Where are the Q&A sessions held?

In Slack, on the Q&A channel.

What is Slack?

It's a simple tool for quick communication between members of our community. This is a trusted external application where the registration process is secure and fast. Be sure to check what's going on there! After registration, you will be automatically added to the most important conversation channels, but you can find the channels that you are interested in yourself or ask us to create new ones.

At what stage of development is Her Impact?

We have just started - we want to grow together with our users, that's why your feedback and understanding are crucial to us.

Do I need a credit card to open an account at Her Impact?

No. Only after the end of your trial period and confirming your subscription will you be redirected to pay for the subscription with a card.

What will eventually happen to my free trial subscription?

You will have the option of continuing your subscription for only 11 euros a month or switching to the free version of the service - Her Community and Her Skills.

What are the payment methods?

Payments are made with Stripe. Learn more about Stripe at https://stripe.com/en

How do you store the details of the card used for payment?

Her Impact has no access to your card details. Payments are processed by Stripe. https://stripe.com/en-pl